Monday, 9 April 2012

montage #1

A few pictures from the last couple of weeks - 

so good to see Manchester Piccadilly again // you can't beat mum's homemade meatballs & spaghetti // fantastic sunshine // denim shirt & checked scarf // a day trip to London to see the Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts // snazz new Kings Cross Station - looks like I'm obsessed with trains // 2-4-1 cocktails with the girls // beautiful calves at the back of the farm house in Titley // incredible Easter Sunday meal for 17 family members.

So I just got back from a family easter weekend, which consisted of walks in the countryside, playing board games and ping pong with my younger cousins, and lots of eating and drinking. I had a lovely time and its always great fun being all together.

Hope you all had lovely easter too, and enjoyed the long weekend!

ps. currently listening to my first ever cd, a really old Robbie album! Its still GREAT.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

asos summer florals.

            Last week i stumbled across a great offer on asos, with a flash 20% discount off their spring collection. With the recent sunny weather clear in my memory I was drawn to this amazing summer dress, which was going for £22. I couldnt resist the floral print, which will also help with my new attempt to wear brighter colours (i pretty much stick to neutral colours, dark green/blue/maroon, denim, black etcetc). I was clearly being the optimist about the weather and have not had a chance to wear it yet (in the SNOW), but think i will wear it with tights and my leather jacket tonight, for cocktails with the girls. so excited!

            In other news, I'm enjoying my time off for the easter holidays at the moment. As well as applying for jobs/internships + thinking about my (dreaded) dissertation, ive been seeing friends and family, taken a few exciting trips to London, and been watching televised episodes of 'Just a Minute' which I came accross on iplayer. Brilliant.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

breakfast back at home.

A short post about an extravagant breakfast I enjoyed yesterday with a couple of friends. We headed to Frankie and Benny’s, who do all their breakfasts for a fiver, with unlimited tea or coffee for an extra £1.50. While both my friends had custom breakfasts due to their commitment to lent (no potato and no meat, both very tricky when it comes to a fry up with bacon and hash browns), I was able to go all out, choosing ‘the works’ – 2 fried eggs, bacon, sausages and beans all on a toasted muffin. Yum.

The glorious period of sunshine I have recently been enjoying has now passed, with clouds overhead and a significant drop in temperature. However, this only called for us to stay in the restaurant for hours, taking full advantage of the ‘unlimited’ nature of hot drinks, and properly catching up and chatting. It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere in there at breakfast time, with just a couple of tables full and so no need to rush to clear space for the next sitting of customers. 
I had a lovely morning, and considering I didnt even know F&Bs did breakfast, it was not bad at all. Maybe next time I’ll be brave enough to try the egg & bacon syrup pancakes!